Asphalt Chronicles, Numéro 01
Manila, Philippines


Basketball isn't just a game out here, it's life! Filipinos eat, drink, & sleep the game. You'll find people talking, watching, & playing hoops everywhere from the cluttered, shanty streets of the country's capital city in Manila to one of the world's most beautiful islands of Boracay. 

Basketball made it's way to the country when the Americans set up military bases in the Philippines during World War I. They taught the game to the locals, who quickly embraced it & engrained it into their daily lives. 

Today, the strong influence of the game is easily visible in Filipino culture. The jeepneys (old American military jeeps that are now used as public utility vehicles) packed with passengers on their daily commute are often customized with art designs of NBA teams & superstars. From a fashion standpoint, the streets are filled with people wearing basketball jerseys and shorts from old tournaments & leagues. Business wise, big corporations heavily invest in endorsement campaigns of local collegiate & professional hoop idols with huge billboards & tv commercials seen nationwide. 

With the country's recent birth to the 2014 World Cup in Spain, the popularity of basketball continues to grow. With the global success of Manny Pacquiao as a boxer, I can only imagine how the Philippines will react when the first Filipino makes it to the NBA! 

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